20 Over the years, we have made more than $500,000 in grants to BE. Among other things, we have: (i) converted and renovated a storage room for parent/child therapy, (ii) added on a room for intake therapy, (iii) purchased numerous computers and iPads, (iv) replaced air conditioners, (v) bought Chanukah gifts, (vi) funded Anxiety Therapy Programs, (vii) bought miscellaneous gardening tools, (viii) paid for repairs, (ix) had a special app written that permits real-time entries that create a profile for each student, track behavioral and academic progress, that keeps track of each child’s progress, (x) paid for regular and animal assisted therapy, (xi) paid for tutoring (the kids come to BE “broken” and it shows in their schoolwork), (xii) bought cameras for a photography program, (xiii) paid for a family therapy program (remember most of these kids have parents who had their children taken away from them by the court), (xiv) paid for a marketing video to help them raise additional money, (xv) made a matching grant for an animal assisted therapy program (see page 44), (xvi) renovated rec-rooms, and paid for sneakers, birthday presents, outings, (xvii) driving lessons, (xviii) new sound system, (xix) team building and much more – helping Yehuda and his staff give these kids a chance to grow up and be happy. And NOT continue the cycle their families have followed for at least one generation before them. BE’s current needs list includes: • $1,515 for a large screen TV • $2,528 for swimming classes (12 sessions for a group of 10 children) • $2,755 for 1-year of orthodontic treatment for each of 13 children ($35,815 in all) • $5,500 for social expense spending @ $275 for 20 graduates • $9,917 to renovate each one of 14 bedrooms all of which include a bed, desk, chair, small closet and a shared bathroom • $11,020 for a Department of Health required temperate control unit for the hot cafeteria • $11,020 for 2 shock freezers @ $5,510 each • $17,640 to renovate the kitchen area in the emergency shelter • $25,000 for additional tutoring [Needs are much greater] • $26,320 for camp supplies and day trips during the summer • $27,548 for a new water heating system • $34,200 for therapy after the army, before getting married, and before having children for 18 graduates @ $1,900 per graduate – see underline portion of last paragraph on Page 19 • $50,000 for additional therapy [Needs are much greater] The Israeli government gives Yehuda enough money to feed, clothe and give some basics for these kids. It is for YOU to decide what “extras” (like camp, basketball or tutoring) they get and whether those “extras” are really “extras” or the “basic needs” to give them a chance.