31 The Elderly: • Helping the Frail Elderly o Jerusalem (page 31) o All Over the USA - Dignity and Comfortable Mobility (p. 32) o New York - Project Ezra (p. 33) o Boca Raton § Helping Seniors in Many Ways (p. 34) § Senior Assistance Program (p. 35-36) • Holocaust Survivor Programs o Israel – Northern Galilee (p. 37) o Israel – Hod HaSharon (p. 38) o South Palm Beach Country (p. 39) Helping the Frail Elderly – Jerusalem In 1989, the privately owned, formerly posh, 520 room Diplomat Hotel in Jerusalem was appropriated by the Absorption Ministry for Soviet immigrants. It quickly became “a five-star slum” and today it is categorized as “sheltered housing.” 10 of its residents are in their 90s (one is 99) and 2/3 are over 75 including 50 frail elderly who cannot go out alone to shop or go to the doctor themselves. A dedicated volunteer named Alice started and runs 2 programs: one which pays for home-care and assistance to the residents who need help with transportation to doctors and other errands, and a “Basic Needs” program that prevents seniors from having to choose between food, dental care, prescriptions and prosthetics. In the last 12 months HOT gave $6,000 in grants for the “Home-care and Transportation” program and $9,000 for the “Basic Needs” program. The Diplomat’s wish list includes: • $3,000 for refreshments for a weekly social program that brings some enjoyment to the lives of the 50 elderly shut-ins. • $15,000 for the Transportation and Basic Needs Programs so that no senior should have to choose between food, dental care, prescriptions and a prosthetic. $6,000 of the $15,000 is critical because effective December 31, 2018 another organization that was partnering with us will no longer be making their contribution.