6 Special Needs Programs The parents of Special Needs Children have “special expenses,” sometimes starting as early as a few months after birth. HOT supports programs that work to help these children reach their maximum potential or at least give them some enjoyment: 1 - New Jersey – Equipment (p. 40) 2 - A special summer camp in Israel (p. 43) 3 - Throughout Israel – Animal Therapy (p. 44) 4 - Boca Raton – Camp (p. 45) Summer Camps Summer is the time disadvantaged and vulnerable kids can get in the most trouble. We support a unique and critical camp program (see #1 in the last section of this page) and we give scholarships to needy kids through several of our other partners: 1 - Kids in Sderot, Israel (p. 22) 2 - Kids in Delray Beach, Florida (p. 24) 3 - Underprivileged Kids in DC (p. 25) 4 - Underprivileged Kids in New York City (p. 26) 5 - Throughout Israel (p. 44) Victims of War, Terror and Natural Disasters (p. 46-54) 9 pages describe how HOT on a real-time basis (1) helped Israelis (mostly in the South) cope with the many years of missiles fired at them by Hamas and then helped other Israelis (mostly in the North) deal with the reign of terror of Hezbollah’s missiles, and (2) helped those in Mississippi, Florida, New York and then New Jersey deal with the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Wilma, and Super-Storm Sandy. The story you will read on pages 51 and 52 describes what HOT did in the face of the three horrific hurricanes in 2017. It tells you what HOT is all about. HOT in times of crisis does not merely send money; it mobilizes within hours and, working with trusted partners, orchestrates immediate help through all the missiles and through all the storms. Four of Our Most Important Programs “Cannot be Classified with other Programs” because of their uniqueness. All four of them require two pages to describe them. 1: The Jaffa Institute in Jaffa/Tel Aviv has expanded from a boarding school to a food bank and a training center for Moms wanting to go back into the workforce. They have Special Needs Centers and and and and… (p. 17-18). Also, see the fence on page 18. 2: Bet Elazraki in Netanya, Israel has been the home for more than 451 children who were placed by the court system because of their parents’ inability to take care of them (p. 19-20). 3: Community Service Projects helping those in need and teaching the importance of Community Service (p. 29-30). 4: Camp Sunshine (pages 41-42) in Maine for children with life-threatening diseases. You have now read the summary – so much awaits you in the following pages. So many choices of how YOU can be the reason others aren’t going to have to suffer. Start with the four you just read about. Critical, critical programs. People who need YOUR help.