16 The Basics of All Basics in Kenya Africa? Not the easiest place to find a trusted partner, but we are excited that we have found Matanya’s Hope (“MH”), a non-profit dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in Kenya. MH offers educational sponsorships for children in need and assists by donating items critical to their survival. The U.S. staff of MH is made up primarily of volunteers. Its Board is truly committed with each of its members sponsoring at least one child in school. More than just helping to improve lives, designations to MH can literally save lives. In parts of Kenya people trek for miles to collect water. During the droughts, water is extremely scarce. And at other times, the water is collected from dirty, disease-infested rivers. MH is working to change this situation. HOT has given MH 19 grants to purchase 10,000-liter rainwater storage tanks, each one configured to fit specific homes* or schools it is to serve. *The homes are not houses – they are shacks made of dung and ash with tin sheeting, possibly some wood, and rarely stone. Incredible as it may seem, 3.3 cents (yes, 3.3 cents) a day can provide a hot meal for school children who otherwise would not have one. HOT has previously made challenge grants that have been met and resulted in thousands of additional children getting a hot bowl of porridge every school day. We are asking our donors to consider designating gifts to help MH continue to improve and save lives in Kenya. MH needs: • $1,500 for the “Porridge Program” to feed 250 hungry children a hot meal every school day for a year – YES THAT IS 3.3 CENTS PER CHILD, PER DAY! • $10,500 to transport 42 fifty-pound boxes filled with medical supplies, shoes, clothing, book bags, blankets, school supplies, jackets and more to Kenya during summer 2018. These donated supplies have a value far in excess of the transportation costs. • $12,000 to provide food to deeply impoverished university students • $15,000 for ten 10,000-liter rainwater tanks in high risk areas @ $1,500 each