19 Boynton Beach The mission of the Caridad Center is to upgrade the health, education and living standards of the children and families of agricultural workers, day laborers and the working poor. This includes being their “safety net” and providing assistance in emergency situations. We have stopped evictions and power shut downs, paid for food, chemotherapy and other extraordinary medical assistance. We have given scholarships for individual college courses to give the needy a chance to escape the otherwise endless cycle of poverty. Similar to all of HOT’s emergency assistance programs, we help only when all other sources have been exhausted. A family of three came to Caridad Center seeking help to pay their rent. The father lost his job during Hurricane Irma for a month. This was the family’s sole income. Without help, it will be impossible for this family to recover. HOT and Caridad each paid $600 of the $1,200 of rent necessary to get their rent up to date and to stop the eviction process. The father has a new job and is able to pay their rent on an ongoing forward basis. An elderly lady desperately called with an immediate need for a place to say. During the assessment, it became clear that she was also in need of food. She was forced to leave the house she was living in, having to vacate immediately. She had to live in her car during the coldest temperature recorded in West Palm. HOT provided Caridad Center half of the $553.04 needed for immediate shelter. She was promptly placed in safe housing. In addition, Caridad helped with food, clothing, and linkage to a Senior Services Center and continues to reach out to her to supply continued needed services. Six years ago, we started giving scholarships to students carefully vetted by Caridad. The results have been outstanding – continuing studies, earning degrees in nursing, becoming productive members of society rather than continuing in what could be an endless cycle of poverty. Caridad’s wish list continues to be funds for Scholarships and Emergency Assistance for families including grocery store food cards. We would like our donors to designate all or part of their contributions to this program with the goal of our raising an extra $30,000: $15,000 of which would be used for scholarships and $15,000 that would help us respond to Caridad’s continually growing need for Emergency Aid. Please let us know which Fund you want your contribution to be used for.