24 shows in their schoolwork), (xii) bought cameras for a photography program, (xiii) paid for a family therapy program (remember most of these kids have parents who had their children taken away from them by the court), (xiv) paid for a marketing video to help them raise additional money, (xv) partially funded (a successful HOT challenge grant) an animal assisted therapy program (see page 48), (xvi) renovated rec-rooms, and paid for sneakers, birthday presents, outings and much more – all that we could do to help Yehuda and his staff give these kids a chance to grow up and be happy. And NOT continue the cycle their families have followed for at least one generation before them. BE’s current needs list includes: • $1,974 for a mini-oven/toaster • $6,318 to replace two serving stations in the kitchen @$3,159 each • $6,470 to install fence and security cameras at the Emergency Shelter • $9,472 to sparsely furnish 4 bedrooms @ $2,368 each in 2 new houses for IDF soldiers brought up at BE “home” on leave or just mustered out • $10,770 to renovate two shower and toilet areas @ $5,385 each (they needed to renovate four and while editing this page we wired them $10,770 for two and hope one of our donors will designate $10,770 to do the other two) • $17,640 to renovate the kitchen area in the emergency shelter • $25,000* for additional tutoring • $26,320 for camp supplies and day trips during the summer • $37,800 for additional therapy—reduced government support but no reduction in need • $35,300 Renovation of the basketball court • $46,930 to renovate 13 bedrooms @ $3,610 each including bed, desk, chair, and small closet * I could have just as easily put $50,000 or $100,000 for tutoring, BUT gifts of any size designated for this critical need will help children reach their potential as human beings…. Is anything more important? The Wish list above is longer than any other in the HOT News and this is one of very few 2 page vignettes. Many donors ask me which need of our 44 projects is most important and which of their needs are most critical and I constantly say that is for YOU, the donor, to choose. We try hard to only help those who were dealt a bad hand, not those whose conscious choices have resulted in their need. The Israeli government gives Yehuda enough money to feed, clothe and give some basics for these kids. It is for YOU to decide what “extras” (like camp, basketball or tutoring) they get and whether those “extras” are really “extras” or the “basic needs” to give them a chance.