2 HOT does not pay ANY of the overhead of ANY organization it partners with. HOT supports sectarian and non-sectarian projects (but YOUR dollars go ONLY to where YOU tell us YOU want them to go…there is no fungibility of dollars at HOT). HOT support projects in the United States, in Israel, one in Guatemala, one in Haiti, and one in Kenya. Your entire dollar goes where YOU want it to go, expanding the projects YOU choose or, if YOU prefer, the geographic region or specific category you choose. Simply put (i) HOT is efficient, (ii) its due diligence is comprehensive, and (iii) it funds critical projects that in many cases have been overlooked by more traditional charities and where, but for HOT’s grant, people with desperate needs would not be helped. Please read through the Table of Contents and pick the area or areas most meaningful to you. But since many of our projects could have been just as easily put in another section (Does feeding a poor senior belong in The Elderly? The Poor and the Hungry? Does feeding a child belong in Youth at Risk? The Poor and the Hungry?) you may need to read the entire HOT News to find YOUR project. Pages 3 to 6 contain a summary of our various activities that you may want to read before reading the in-depth description of all 44 of our projects. Starting on page 7, you will read about our partners and their wish lists of critical needs that YOU can DESIGNATE to help – letting YOU pick who YOU help and how YOU help them. Very truly yours, Ronald L. Gallatin Chairman and CEO Table of Contents (Number of Projects) Pages Pages 1 – 2 Letter 33 – 34 Community Service (2) 3 – 6 Summary of HOT’s Programs 35 – 43 The Elderly (8) 7 – 20 The Poor and The Hungry (13) 44 – 49 Special Needs and Compassionate Care (5) 21 – 32 Youth at Risk (10) 50 – 58 The Many Victims of War, Terror and Natural Disasters (6)