38 Helping the Frail Elderly – Boca Raton HELPING SENIORS IN MANY WAYS IN BOCA RATON/DELRAY The Volen Center (TVC) offers a myriad of programs designed to bring better health, fun, laughter and companionship into the lives of senior citizens – all based on a preventative concept designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit to foster continued good health. Through the years, HOT has made multiple grants to TVC, including (i) three challenge grants that other donors to the Volen Center met that permitted the offering of quality food to financially troubled seniors at 50% of cost, (ii) a successful pilot program using Nurse Practitioners, (iii) a grant to TVC to cover the basic cost of a build-out of a treatment room for this program, (iv) a challenge grant that was met by the Volen Board which when combined met the terms of a Federal 9-1 grant to purchase 4 vans, creating 19-1 leverage on HOT’s grant, (v) computers, (vi) a grant to meet the shortage from “sequestering” that would have otherwise resulted in seniors being hungry, (vii) funding 25 Life Enrichment Memberships for residents of both the Gould and Weinberg Houses, (viii) subsidizing the expansion of TVC’s computer literacy program, and (ix) funding of lunch for the monthly gatherings of Holocaust survivors, and children of survivors, that was hosted at the TVC as a collaborative effort of TVC and both the Alpert Jewish Family Service and JFS. We have also approved 62 grants totaling $21,380.60 from a fund we set up at TVC to pay one time “emergency aid” (rent, electric, etc.) to seniors. Think of it, at an average grant of $344.80 ($229.90 when we count spouses) we changed the lives of 93 people who had varied problems ranging from getting their water and electricity turned back on, to a payment to a landlord to avoid eviction, to paying emergency medical expenses and prescriptions. As in all of our emergency aid funds, nothing can be paid unless all other possibilities of aid have been exhausted. We would like our donors to consider: • $4,000 for an exercise and nutrition program • $10,000 to be the last $10,000 to finance a $30,000 breakfast program for 120 seniors, many of whom come to morning TVC programs not having had breakfast • $25,000 in multiples of $32.50 to fund a 50% scholarship for hundreds of seniors whose families are unable to afford the $65.00 a day TVC charges for Adult Day Care