3 Summary of HOT’s Programs HOT currently works with 40 partners on 44 projects helping thousands of people overcome hardships. Many of these organizations transcend multiple areas in the way they help people. HOT chooses the most sensitive and efficient organizations to work with and then makes grants using either, or both of, funds specifically designated by our donors or contributions given to HOT without any designations, to fund their most critical projects. We pay none of our partners’ indirect or administrative expenses – we pay only the direct expenses of the program. And in all cases, if HOT did not make its grant, needy people would not get desperately needed help. This 4-page summary takes you through the breadth of what HOT does in a more detailed way than the Table of Contents on Page 2, but you can only feel HOT’s projects if you read the vignettes that describe them later in this booklet. HOT Emergency Assistance Funds One of the ways HOT addresses Poverty is through Emergency Aid to individuals and families where without HOT's help they would be homeless, without electricity, with no refrigeration for their food, risk suffering dental disaster, and/or other horrors that befall people living from hand to mouth who have sudden, unexpected Emergency Needs. We have 10 separate Financial Assistance Funds set up with 8 partner organizations. Each of our partners only submit cases that meet HOT's requirements that they, at their own expense, (i) review the financial records of the applicant (ii) determine that the individual or family has enough ongoing income to cover their ongoing expenses, and (iii) verify that all other potential sources of funding for the emergency - family, governmental and NGO have been completely exhausted. Where possible, we require our partners to match what we give to leverage our donors’ dollars. HOT Emergency Aid Funds: 1 - Families and Singles in Boca Raton (p. 11) 2 - Families and Singles in Boca Raton/Delray Beach (p. 17) 3 - Families, Singles and Seniors in the Northern Galilee, Israel (p. 18) 4 - Families, Singles and Seniors in Boynton Beach (p. 19) 5 - Families of Children who are Caregivers for a family member (p. 25) 6 - Frail Elderly in Jerusalem, Israel (p. 35) 7 - Seniors in New York City (p. 37) 8/9 - Seniors in Boca Raton (p. 38 and 39-40) 10 - Survivors in Northern Israel (p. 41)