40 Subsidized Homecare Early in 2014 HOT started a new program piggybacking on what was then a new JFS Program which provides for subsidized homecare for frail seniors. When HOT reviewed the new JFS program, it applauded JFS for this much- needed help to frail seniors – but was concerned that even with the JFS subsidy, there would still be seniors who could not afford even the small co-pays. So, HOT added a further subsidy which reduces the rate to $1 per hour for the poorest of the seniors. In the last 12 months, these subsides permitted 4 hours a week of homecare for 22 indigent seniors. HOT would like its donors to designate up to $20,800 in multiples of $208 to help support this program. Emergency Financial Assistance Program JFS keeps in constant contact with the Seniors who receive gift cards and subsidized home care and call HOT when any of these Seniors have Emergency Needs. Shirley is an elderly senior living alone in Boca Raton. Last year, Shirley’s hot water heater stopped working. The only way that Shirley was able to take a bath was to boil water in pots to fill the bathtub. After a few months of doing this, Shirley could no longer physically carry these heavy pots from the kitchen to the bathroom. Shirley reached out to JFS for financial assistance and all the necessary purchases and installation were made and Shirley was able to take a hot bath for the first time in months. Similar to the Financial Assistance Fund we created for those under 65 (see p. 17) here, too, HOT partners with JFS and last year, HOT and JFS partnered in over $35,500 of grants to 17 needy seniors whose many needs included hearing aids, dental care, wheelchair repair, air conditioners, and rent. As with all of HOT’s emergency assistance programs, we help only when all other sources have been exhausted. Critical Support Requirements These 3 programs were originally funded 50% by a multi-year designated gift, and 50% from HOT’s undesignated funds. Since the multi-year commitment expired, HOT has continued this in excess of $100,000 program with undesignated funds, but needs the help of its donors to continue to provide this Ongoing Financial Assistance, Subsidized Homecare, and Emergency Financial Assistance. Please consider designating funds of up to $75,000 so we can continue, and expand, these critical programs.