42 Survivors in Hod HaSharon, Israel CLICK (Community Leadership and Innovation Centers for the Elderly) in Hod Hasharon operates five Day Centers for Independent Seniors, a Day Center for Disabled Elders, a Virtual Technology Center for the Homebound, a Social Support Center, a Vocational Center, a Multidisciplinary Community Leisure Center, and two days a week it operates a Day Center for Holocaust Survivors. CLICK offers computer classes and social activities each of these days. On one of the days it offers lectures, and on the other day a community theatre. 50 survivors and their spouses attend these activitities that are held in a coffee shop type setting. In some cases, this is the only opportunity for the survivors to be with their friends and others who share the horrible memories of their past suffering forever embedded within. The average age of the survivors is 85, and traveling to the community center has become increasingly difficult for them over the years. HOT has funded the cost of a mini bus to provide roundtrip door to door service, twice a week, from the survivors’ homes to the community center. Not surprisingly many of the survivors suffer from hearing and sight impairment and are unable to totally enjoy the lectures, watch movies and participate in the celebrations, so HOT purchased new equipment to enhance the sound and sight level of these activities. CLICK reduces the loneliness and social isolation of the homebound Holocaust Survivors by sending volunteers into their homes to be involved in activities such as: conversation, crafts, reading a book, a newspaper or simply listening to music together. While not predominantly for Survivors we are intrigued by a new innovative program initiated by CLICK that virtually broadcasts a range of CLICK’s programs via the web to the homebound. Classes broadcasted include: meditation, music appreciation, group therapy, lectures and more all via the elder’s television set. Last year we funded a social worker implementing a new virtual therapy group. CLICK’S wish list includes: • $505 for birthday presents and cakes for Holocaust Survivors at the Day Center • $1,697 to purchase monthly craft kits for 10 homebound Holocaust Survivors • $9,142 for a social worker to supervise two Virtual Group Meetings each week • $17,142 for transportation for two extra days a week at the Center for Holocaust Survivors