44 Special Needs and Compassionate Care: • Touch the Life of a Medically Fragile Child in New Jersey (page 44) • Camp Sunshine for Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses and Their Families (p. 45-46) • My Piece of the Puzzle – Israel (p. 47) • Humans Helping Animals Help Humans in Israel (p. 48) • Camp Kavod – Florida (p. 49) Touch the Life of a Medically Fragile Child in New Jersey The NJ Pediatric Patients Charitable Trust Fund is dedicated to providing funding for the acquisition of recreational, educational, and/or adaptive equipment, home modifications and specialized services that will enrich the lives of the medically fragile / special needs children of Southern New Jersey. HOT has made grants benefiting more than 75 children by providing swing sets, treadmills, baby monitoring systems, iPads and special computers. The children’s disabilities range from a brain tumor, to Down Syndrome, to cerebral palsy to autism. The NJPPCTF policy is that no child receives more than $1,200 in funding. There are no words to describe the happiness that these gifts bring to these children. Over the last four and a half years we have made more than $40,000 in grants to NJPPCTF from undesignated funds. HOT would like to help even more children and families in need, and is asking donors to designate gifts of $12,000 in multiples of $1,200 so we can help at least 10 extra children next year.