46 “My five-year old son was diagnosed with a rare and sometimes fatal blood disease when he was two years old. After four years of chemotherapy, surgeries, infections, and everything else that goes along with this nightmare, we are no closer to a cure than day one. However, you have given us a week to heal. Greg met great friends, fished, went boating, and forgot about chemo for a while. My three-year-old daughter had a chance to be number one, and my husband and I laughed and cried with other parents in similar situations…” “As we face an uncertain future, we know that Camp Sunshine has made a huge difference in our lives, and we can only hope that it will always be here.” No family should be deprived of Camp Sunshine because they cannot afford the cost of travel. We must significantly increase our grants for transportation costs for needy families and want our donors to designate $60,000 in multiples of $1,500 (the typical round trip for a family of four). The help we give Camp Sunshine is why HOT exists. Look at the child in the picture to the left. He is smiling. He is a happy child. He doesn’t know. Think of what his parents are going through. And look at the faces above. A full family, all together but dealing daily with ramifications of a child who requires more attention than his siblings. It hurts the whole family and the week at Camp Sunshine provides, fun, companionship and understanding – understanding of the different problems each member of the family must deal with. Camp Sunshine’s Wish list includes: - $1,000 for a pair of Roll Away Volleyball Standards for a new Sports Center - $1,350 to fund a Yoga Program for a year - $5,000 for 2 treadmills @ $2,500 each for the Family Fitness Area - $7,000 for a Stand-up Freezer and Fridge for the Food Line - $60,000 for Transportation (in multiples of $1,500) No suffering child or their family should ever not be able to go to Camp Sunshine because they can’t afford to get to camp. NEVER EVER.