49 Camp Kavod – Florida Camp Kavod (CK) Year-Round Camps are part of the Levis Jewish Community Center’s Special Needs Department that provides children ages 3-22 with a high quality and well- rounded camp program during winter, spring and summer school breaks. HOT’s grants have funded many supplies, equipment and program expenses, including: Digital cameras and printers for a camp teen photography program, funding for a teen dance during summer camp to promote greater social skills, a yoga program to help campers learn relaxation techniques, an adapted art program “HeART” for supplies and equipment, and in partnership with the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County has made grants to fund more than $50,000 ($100,000 with the match) for camp scholarships for families in great need. This funding ensured that no camper would be turned away from summer camp due to a family’s inability to pay camp fees. HOT has provided funding for a Saturday night “Parent’s Night Out” respite program for 4 hours, once per month, where children attended a structured recreational program as parents receive a well needed break from everyday responsibilities. HOT also provided matching funds for Camp Kavod to purchase a communication system (walkie-talkies) that enables staff to communicate more effectively with one another, within a very large campus setting. CK’s current wish list includes: • $2,500 for a Saturday Morning Respite Program • $2,500 for the Parent’s Night Out Program • $10,000 for Shadows that will permit less-developed children to participate in programs where their needs would be too great to otherwise allow participation • $12,000 for partial scholarships for special needs children whose parents cannot afford to send them to Camp Kavod ($6,000 for each of their two holiday sessions)