52 2014 Israel Emergency Campaign We raised $517,000 in our Israel Emergency Campaign and made $523,659 (1,885,171 NIS at an average exchange rate of 3.6 NIS to the dollar) of grants to our partners to help them deal with the problems brought on by the war. 836,481 NIS in Ashkelon (page 31) to: • Rewire 102 bomb shelters, providing safety to more than 5,000 people • Feed kids in public shelters for almost 4 weeks – some days as many as 4,000 kids • Buy food vouchers for poor families • Provide 4,800 Shabbat meals for families in public shelters • Purchase toys and art supplies for children in shelters • Provide single-day, overnight & multi-night respite for more than 1,000 people including 200 with various mental disabilities • Repair air-conditioners in shelters 336,451 NIS in Sderot (page 13) to: • Equip shelters • Provide single day and overnight respite for more than 1,000 people, including 600 children • Purchase food for shelters and food vouchers for poor families • Conduct a one-day retreat for 38 daycare center employees • Provide first-aid training for nursery school teachers • Provide respite trips for families of the Emergency Response Team • Conduct Women’s Workshops • Provide animal assisted therapy • Provide an expanded one-day program for kindergarten age children • Purchase a high volume “texting plan” to get information to residents of a particular neighborhood • Purchase supplies for activities, and offer arts and craft and photography workshops in the shelters 160,500 NIS to The Jaffa Institute (pages 21 - 22) for housing, food, teachers and programs for 230 kids from the South 152,157 NIS for Animal Assisted Therapy (page 48) to help victims in the South deal with PTSD 120,000 NIS for both group and individual therapy for fiancées and (long-term) girlfriends of soldiers that died as a result of the war (pages 50-51) 90,278 NIS to buy an industrial freezer and two industrial refrigerators, allowing Leket (page 12) to add fresh produce to deliveries of food in the South; to purchase food in 6 cities in the South to stop merchants from going out of business; and to distribute discounted food vouchers in the South 86,964 NIS to Shoulder to Shoulder to provide busing, special activities and a psychologist for children and their families for respite, providing food and school equipment vouchers in 3 Southern Israeli cities 62,100 NIS to Beit Elazraki (pages 23-24) for buses and activities for busloads of 50 kids a day from the South 23,940 NIS to bring 7 families with at least one child with mental and physical disabilities from Ashdod to Beit Kaye for a program run by Krembo Wings (arranged by Galila, see page 18) 16,300 NIS to Shearim Netanya for an additional counselor, bus transportation activities for children coming from the South.