54 These are just a few of the examples of the things we were able to do with $517,000 sent by HOT’s donors to specifically address the many needs that arose during the war. The full list is far more extensive. Many of you received my Sunday night emails during the war that gave incremental updates on the work we were doing. On page 52, we summarized all the grants we made during the war. HOT is unique – not just in what we were able to accomplish, but in the way we were able to identify critical needs up front and ensure funds were available with zero delay. As with past crises, we were in contact with our partners as events unfolded, and were able to authorize immediate (i.e., that day) purchases. This comes from our lack of organizational “red-tape,” our direct relationships with those who know the immediate needs, and our generous donors who understand that we need to have the ability to respond immediately. Those who have followed HOT throughout the years (or who have read the HOT News) should recognize this model. In many other crisis situations, we were similarly there for the victims.