55 2017 Hurricanes – Harvey, Irma and Maria Harvey, Irma and Maria sound like peaceful enough names but they created havoc wherever they hit land. Keeping on top of 43 regular projects and coordinating relief efforts for all three of these storms stretched, but did not break, HOT. With the help of approximately 1,500 incredible volunteers and 50 other organizations that worked with us HOT sent more than $1,800,000 of supplies to Houston, the Florida Keys and Puerto Rico (and other parts of Florida and the Caribbean). It is more than six months after these storms landed and HOT is still feeding hundreds of people in both the Florida Keys and in Puerto Rico. HOT started its 2017 Hurricane Relief Effort with a challenge grant to the members of B’nai Torah Congregation who raised almost $50,000; the Jewish Federation of SPBC added $65,000; the members of St. Andrews Country Club more than $100,000; and other individuals and organizations in the Boca Raton/Delray Beach community, and HOT’s regular donors another $100,000+. Impressive, BUT these cash contributions were dwarfed by the supplies brought to our collection points. Almost $1,500,000 of generators, canned food and a myriad of supplies responding to a specific list of what was needed. As these supplies were taken out of the bags and separated register receipts often fell out. $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500 and everything in between. Over 6 incredible weeks upwards of 10,000 anonymous people dropped off nonperishable food and supplies that were sorted, boxed and taped, and then put on pallets and shrink wrapped by volunteers coming from the Federation, B’nai Torah Congregation, Temple Beth El, Boca Raton Synagogue, Hebrew Day Schools, Churches, local nonsectarian organizations, and other people who heard what we were doing and came over and asked “what can I do to help...” Unlike anything we have ever seen, no more than 5% of what was brought was used clothing, and if it was it was used, it was truly “gently used.” People went to Costco, Target, Walmart and so many other stores—picking items off the shelves and standing on long lines that often-included people buying from the same list they were buying from. On the other side—the areas that were so ravaged by relentless wind and rain - we partnered with Rabbis, Priests, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Schools, Rotary Clubs, a Beer Company (critical and unbelievably helpful in the Keys), and many many social service organizations. We paid under $7,000 for what could well have been $175,000 of transportation. How? Through the incredible generosity of donors. Trucks, boats, helicopters, private planes, commercial planes and ships---whatever we needed there were people willing to help. Our Houston (Harvey) efforts started with $40,000 of purchases we made in Dallas, because the roads in Louisiana were closed, and the goods were sent in a donated truck overnight to Houston making its first stop at a Catholic Church and its next stop at a JCC. We continued with cases and cases of Gatorade and ear plugs for firemen working multiple shifts in oppressive heat and humidity. Then, as we were about to send several trucks loaded with supplies to