5 Helping People Help Themselves HOT believes most poor people want to work, but they need training and they need confidence. 1 - Job Training and Mentoring in Boca Raton (p. 11) 2 - Mentoring former soldiers in Israel (p. 14) 3 - Six times what others are making in Guatemala (p. 15) 4 - Single Moms in Northern Israel (p. 26) Tutoring Not all kids are born as smart as others, and many have environmental issues and need extra help if they are going to have any chance to move forward. 1 - Kids in Israel (p. 20) 2 - Children Caregivers in Palm Beach County (p. 25) 3 - Children of immigrants in Delray Beach (p. 28) 4 - Underprivileged kids in Washington DC (p. 29) 5 - Underprivileged kids in New York City (p. 30) 6 - Teens in Israel (p. 32) Keeping Teens out of Trouble Teens are at the age where they can choose the easy way (the streets), or the harder way (working towards the future). We have programs that help them work for the future: 1 - Netanya, Israel (p. 27) 2 - Delray Beach (p. 28) 3 - Ashkelon, Israel (p. 31) 4 - Jerusalem, Israel (p. 32) Seniors In addition to Senior Financial Aid (p. 4) there are specific goods, subsidies and services that our funding provides to hundreds of needy seniors: 1 - Padded Wheelchairs – USA (p. 36) 2 - Activities to keep their minds active in Boca Raton (p. 38) 3 - Transportation, Boca Raton (p. 38) 4 - Subsidized Home Care in Boca Raton (pages 39-40) Holocaust Survivors There are no words to describe the unspeakable horrors these survivors went through and what damage it did to their bodies and their minds. 1 - Northern Galilee, Israel (p. 41) 2 - Hod HaSharon, Israel (p. 42) 3 - South Palm Beach County (p. 43) Therapy Whether for PTSD, schizophrenia caused by being in one of Hitler’s Camps, or any of a series of alphabet psychiatric or psychological illnesses, HOT supports a wide array of therapy 1 - Throughout Israel – Animal Assisted Therapy (p. 48) 2 - Losing a loved one from War and/or Terror (50/51)