7 The Poor and The Hungry: • A Chicken each Week in Jerusalem (page 7) • Helping Indigent Families of the Israeli Border Patrolmen (p. 8) • A Sandwich a Day for Every Child in Israel (p. 9-10) • Feeding the Poor, Health Clinic and Job Training in Boca Raton (p. 11) • Leket Israel – Israel’s National Food Bank (p. 12) • The Gaza-Border City of Sderot (p. 13) • Helping Discharged IDF Soldiers from Disadvantaged Backgrounds (p. 14) • Job Training for the Poor in Guatemala (p. 15) • The Basics of All Needs in Kenya (p. 16) • Hands On Tzedakah Emergency Assistance Programs o Boca Raton and Delray Beach (p. 17) o Northern Israel (p. 18) o Boynton Beach (p. 19) • Volunteers Feeding the Hungry & Helping Troubled Teens in Israel (p. 20) A Chicken a Week in Jerusalem Four and a half years ago, a selfless 90-year-old woman who had spent 77 years helping others died. For the last 45 years of her life Bracha Kapach maintained a weekly distribution of food to families in need. The families came from all over Jerusalem and were a cross-section of Israeli society; all of whom had been referred to her by the municipal social welfare department. HOT bought her a freezer and supplied her with approximately 40 chickens, each weighing approximately 4 pounds, every week (with an additional chicken or two for the holidays) for eight years. These chickens were a source of protein sadly lacking from most of the recipients’ diets. Although Bracha Kapach died four and a half years ago, her work is continuing. Her grandchildren learned the importance of helping others, and as a living memorial to their grandmother they have continued her work. HOT can think of no finer memorial to a woman who spent her life helping others! The list of hungry malnourished families continues to grow. Over the last few years some of our donors have designated their gifts to take some families on the waiting list BUT all of those supplementary funds have been used and we are now suppling weekly chickens to only 40 of the 103 families in need. HOT would like its donors to designate up to $32,319 (in multiples of the $513 it costs for chickens for one family) so we can get some, if not all, of these families off the waiting list.