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What percentage of my contribution will go directly to programming? How much will be eaten up by administrative expenses?
100% of your contribution will go directly to projects helping those in need. None of your dollars will be diverted to administration; all of these expenses are paid through a special grant made by one of our founders.


What is Tzedakah?
The Hebrew word tzedakah means justice or righteousness. It is commonly thought of as charity.


Why Hands On Tzedakah?
We connect our donors with the people they are helping. Donors are able to see how their contribution can make a difference. We facilitate communication between the donors and the projects and we also listen to our donors, seeking out new initiatives that are important to them.


What if I want to contribute to a specific project that Hands On Tzedakah is funding?
Nothing would make us happier than knowing that we introduced you to a project that touches you. We encourage you to learn more about a particular program and explore additional ways to lend your support.


How do you pick the programs to which funds will be allocated?
We seek out individuals who have spearheaded projects that reach out and help individuals in need and whose needed and inspiring work falls below the “radar screen” of traditional outside funding. Financial support given by Hands On Tzedakah must ultimately make a profound difference in the project and people served. We fund people and projects that are a good match with our donor’s charitable interests as it is their charitable dollars that we are leveraging. Also, we believe that utilizing volunteers is essential.


Is my contribution to Hands On Tzedakah tax deductible?
Yes, Hands On Tzedakah is a 501(c)(3) U.S. public charity under the IRS code. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


How can we be sure that the projects you fund are legitimate?
The initial criteria for funding requires that the project or need meet the parameters of our mission statement. If a program meets these parameters then prior to any substantial program funding, we will engage in a “Hands On” process by visiting the program, getting to know the program and obtaining and reviewing information on budgets and other financial information, including tax returns and accounting reports.

In cases where we distribute funds to individual intermediaries who have developed programs that meet our criteria, we insist upon an on-going interaction with regular financial and operating reports to Hands On Tzedakah so that we are satisfied that the funds allocated to them are used as intended.


Will you provide any direct relief to individuals and if you do so, how can your donors be sure that the monies distributed to these individuals are used as intended?
Hands On Tzedakah gives direct aid for the relief of the poor, distressed and underprivileged where specific cases of extreme need are referred to us. These cases are subject to especially stringent investigation and accountability. The relationship with and credentials of the charitable organization or individual making the referral is vital.


Are funds distributed domestically or overseas?
Hands on Tzedakah recognizes the borderless needs of all people. Our reach extends from Florida and New York, to other parts of the US, to Israel, Guatemala, and all across the globe.