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As rockets launched from Gaza have continued to fall in many parts of Israel, HOT has immediately responded by coordinating with its partners on the ground to provide assistance to many Victims of Terror. HOT has been able to act quickly thanks to the support of our donors, whose gifts go 100% to those in need (with NOTHING taken out for administrative expenses) – and our strong partners.

May 14, 2021

Over the last few days, HOT  has made grants of 149,752 shekels (approximately $45,000 USD) to help the people of Sderot (72,000 shekels) and Ashkelon (77,752 shekels).

The grants to help the people of Sderot were used to permit families who were rated “4” by HOT’s rating system (4 = a belief that at least one member of the family was so traumatized by the constant barrage of missiles and explosions that staying in Sderot any longer would create a high probability of  a level of PTSD that would materially interfere with their future lives). Of the 72,000 shekels, approximately 51,000 shekels were used  yesterday and today mostly to send 41 families  for  3 day stays in Youth Hostels in Beit She’an and Lachish. The remaining 21,000 shekels will either be used Sunday morning or will be used for respite for other families, G-d forbid, on Sunday. If this chapter of life in Sderot, G-d willing, comes to a close before they spend the other 19,000 shekels, we will have it used for PTSD therapy or to help the working poor who are paid by the hour and have not been able to work this week.

We are starting to get requests from our partners in other parts of the country for assistance as they assist people in the south

The grants to help the people of Ashkelon included
40 shelters x 147 nis = 5,880 nis
10 shelters x 147 nis (on hold, if needed. Sadly they were needed) =1470 nis
45 hot lunches x 25 nis for the pre -army volunteers = 1,125 nis
Total = 8,457 nis

Food for shelters – bread, cheese, chocolate spread, apples, water bottles, disposable cups, plates, napkins, toilet paper 147nis per shelter, per day, total 5,145 nis.
Arts and crafts materials – 15,000 nis (will be used for a week ).
Board games Dafna has enough, they are reusable .
Total amount needed 20,145 nis.

48,750 shekels to feed 300 residents who are being housed in dormitories  of the Jaffa Institute for a total of the 3 Ashkelon grants of 77,352 shekels.

HOT is in constant constant touch with its Israeli partners and is making grants every day to help the people of Israel.

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