51 therapy for the girls in the two support groups established immediately after the 2014 Gaza War because the organization didn’t “anticipate” the 2014 Gaza War????). Additionally, expenses like transportation (all sessions are held in the same place and while small, Israel is not quite that tiny), scholarships and emergency needs of the girls (some of the dead soldiers were reservists who were supporting their fiancées) and a small social component deemed necessary by the therapists, is not eligible for any reimbursement. We have made grants to “Widowed in all but Name” to make sure they have no cash flow problems and are able to do whatever is necessary to help these girls get to some level of normalcy. Sadly, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah and their “sponsors” have made it clear that there will be more fiancées that will not make it to their wedding day, and will need the love and companionship of others suffering through the same agony and therefore We are asking our donors to make designations of as much as $43,680 in multiples of $2,184 (26 sessions @ $84 per session) to pay for private therapy for 20 of the fiancées from earlier groups that still need help, and up to $30,000 to help pay for transportation, scholarships, and emergency needs. If the Israeli government changes their reimbursement procedures and/or there are no more wars then anything raised beyond what ends up needed for therapy will be used for financial aid and scholarships for the Fiancées or a new support group for the parents of these bereaved girls to help them better understand the problems their daughters are going through, and how to deal with them.