53 The 2014 Gaza War In June 2014, 62 rockets… missiles… were fired from Gaza into Israel. In the first week of July, another 170 were fired into Israel. By the time a “lasting” cease-fire had been reached late in the summer, approximately 3,900 rockets had been fired against Israeli towns and their residents. Throughout Hamas’ relentless attacks, we were working non-stop with our partners throughout Israel to provide critical in-the-moment assistance to the many victims of war and terror. From the moment the war began, HOT’s partners were at work. Our Emergency Fund became available without delay, and you – our donors – ensured that we would have enough to address many urgent, critical needs. Throughout the HOT News you have seen many instances where we worked with our Israeli partners to assist during the war. For example, in Sderot (see page 13), with continuous attacks being launched from literally “right next door” (Sderot is 8 miles from Gaza City, and less than 1 mile from the border with Gaza), running for shelter in 14 seconds many times a day was the alternative to living in the shelters. We helped to equip shelters with food and ensured that children being terrorized by these attacks would have “normal,” fun activities while taking shelter. While helping our partners in Ashkelon (see p. 31), 8 miles from the Gaza border, HOT donors were part of the most critical work we have done. By paying to rewire over 100 shelters to bring them operational, we insured that many who would have otherwise been taking cover in stairwells during attacks could be protected in a reinforced shelter. This protected lives! When we refer to “partners” we are not just talking about organizations in these Southern Israel cities. Our partners are throughout the country, and HOT was able to be a catalyst for bringing many of them together… to offer respite for those relegated to the shelters… to increase the supply of food being sent into these areas… and much more.